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Free and Forgiven Car Accessories

Free and Forgiven Car Accessories

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Free and Forgiven Car Accessories come with many options: Car Charm Bundle, Car Freshie Bundle, Car Charm Only, Car Freshie Only, and Car Coaster Only!

Car Charm:

  • 2.5'-3' in size with image printed on both sides
  • Made from quality MDF board, making it firm and durable. 
  • You can use as a car charm or add scent to the beads for a freshie. 
  • The cord is stretchy so it will easily go over your rearview mirror.
  • No Scent  

Car Coasters:

  • Thick, Cloth, Rubber car coasters 
  • Easy to put in and take out of cup holders. 
  • Flexible and washable.

Car Charm Freshie:

  • Car Charm is made of felt and scented 
  • When scent wears off you can put essential oils on the beads so it doesn't stain
  • Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks depending on order demand.



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